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Former Players or Family Members May be Eligible for Compensation

Every retired NFL player may be eligible for compensation. Additionally, family members of deceased former players may be eligible to file claims to receive compensation on behalf of their loved ones. Please call us today at 1-855-4-NFL-411, our team can help you determine whether or not you are eligible to file a claim and receive compensation.

Court Upholds Decision in NFL Concussion Case

Anita Brody’s Federal District Court decision to approve the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement was upheld by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The settlement covers over 20,000 former players and now could be worth over $1 billion in the end. The agreement would provide payments of up to $5 million to players if they exhibit one of a few specific neurological disorders. Also included in the agreement are screenings for players to determine whether or not they qualify for payment, and money to fund education about concussions. Retired players diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, Alzheimer’s, or Dementia stand to potentially make the most from the agreement.

Are You Eligible for an NFL Concussion Settlement Claim?

The X1Law Firm stands committed to seeking justice for those who have been or who are affected by NFL Concussions. Our passion is to work to recover the maximum claim for our clients. We want to make that process as easy and pain free as possible for you and your family should you decide to file a claim.

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Long-term Effects of Repeated Concussions from Playing in the NFL

Researchers from both Boston University and the Department of Veterans Affairs have identified chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in 96 percent of the deceased NFL players whom they examined. It is believed that CTE stems from repeated head trauma and can lead to depression, memory loss, and dementia. More specifically, 40% of the brains that tested positive for CTE once belonged to offensive and defensive linemen. This fact supported the theory that it was not the violent collisions which lead to concussions that posed the most danger to the players, it is instead the repetitive minor head traumas that NFL players suffer on every play.

 The director and chief of neuropathology of the VA Boston Healthcare System, Dr. Ann McKee, stated that these research statistics are “remarkably consistent” with past research done by those who have suggested that that there was a link between football and long-term brain disease.

 CTE can only be officially diagnosed posthumously. However, a common symptom can include a gradual deterioration in mental capabilities. Additionally, there is the chance that symptoms of Parkinson’s disease could appear as well as dementia. Other severe neurological disorders as a result of repeated blows to the head include Alzheimer’s disease and ALS.

Choose an Experienced Lawyer to Help With Your NFL Concussion Settlement Claim

Hiring a lawyer to help you throughout your NFL concussion settlement claim could potentially mean the difference between receiving your just compensation or having your claim denied. The strenuous process of filing the NFL concussion settlement claim involves detailed paperwork, specific deadlines, and specific document requests. Hiring a lawyer will help to ensure that you gather all of the necessary information and that it is all filed on time. If you miss deadlines or submit incomplete paperwork, you are at the risk of either a delay in receiving your compensation or a denial of your claim. A lawyer can also help you get credit for the correct number of NFL seasons you can report from your career, and help to see the most qualified physicians in order to get an accurate, qualifying diagnosis. Let our team help you today.

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